Landmark University – 2016/2017 Admission


The under listed items are prohibited in Landmark University. New and Returning Students are to please take note and ensure compliance:

  • Cigarettes
  • Alcoholic beverage
  • Any form of illicit drugs
  • Knock outs/bangers of any kind
  • Guns and bullets
  • Lethal weapons and injections
  • Occultic and cult related materials
  • Self-Medication (Western or Orthodox)
  • Condoms and contraceptives
  • Landlines, GSM Cell Phones, SIM cards, all SIM enabling gadgets and phone accessories
  • Weight, javelin, shot-put
  • Binocular
  • Candles
  • Cooking utensils such as (but not limited to) pots, sauce pans, rice cookers, micro wave ovens, electric boiling rings, blenders, grillers, hot plates and toasters
  • Bottled drinks, foods and/or refreshments
  • Metal/Stainless steel cutlery sets
  • Raw food items
  • Contraband clothing (jeans, chinos, alanshi, spaghetti wears, knee length/short skirts, leggings, any form of transparent materials, etc. as found in the current student handbook)
  • Electric blankets, mattress or beds
  • Electric boiling ring
  • Hair dryers
  • Hair straighteners
  • Refrigerator
  • TV Sets, TV Cards, Android TV Boxes and TV Antenna
  • Ungodly musical tapes and CDs
  • Video machines, video tapes, DVD and VCD player
  • Computer Games (e.g. Play Station)
  • Items intended for sale or business activities
  • Items requiring registration before use
  • Any other item that may be declared prohibited



Under listed are the minimum items required for students’ comfort in the Halls of Residence. Kindly note also that each student has limited space; hence, each item quantified “as required” should be acquired in moderate quantity.




1 Pillow 1
2 Pillow Case 2
3 Blanket 1
4 Duvet 1
5 Bed Sheet 4” X 6” 2
6 Mosquito Net 1
7 Plastic Bucket 1
8 Plastic Hangers 1 Dozen (12)
9 Torch Light and/or Rechargeable Reading Lamp 1
10 Batteries 1
11 Set of Plastic Cutlery (Metal Cutlery is not allowed) 1 of Each
12 Automated Electric Kettle 1
13 Pressing Iron 1
14 Padlock and Key Ring 4 Sets
15 Rain Coat or Umbrella 1
16 School Bag 1
17 Toiletries Varied
18 Laptop (Optional) 1
19 Clothing (it is advisable that a few warm clothing be acquired, to suit the sometimes cold weather of Omu-Aran) As Required
20 Feeding/Up-Keep Allowance per semester (4 – 5 months) As Required
21 Provision As Required
22 Exercise Books, Hard Cover Note Book and other Writing materials etc. As Required